'the last city' - chapter 3 - TROUBLESHOOTER

The third chapter of my webcomic 'the last city' is now up in its entirety, and I thought I would also post it here on my blog. This chapter introduces Elizabeth, the third of my protagonists, one with bit of a twist compared to the other two.

More of the backstory of this future world is now starting to get filled in, with the past two chapters introducing (at least by name, if not intent) two of the larger antagonists for the series. This particular series will be dealing primarily with on main antagonist, although there will be three introduced as part of the back story. Once this first volume is done (and the resolution with the primary antagonist is affected), I may end up telling stories revolving around the other two antagonists and their machinations as well.

Primarily, however, this first volume will be dealing with the personal lives and struggles of these three protagonists: the as-far-unnamed character in the first chapter, Ken in Chapter Two, and Elizabeth in this chapter. Their lives and journeys will all intersect with each other as the story progresses, and each will have their own reasons for dealing with the antagonist of this story, but I am mostly interested in exploring the lives of these people and how they deal with this very different world around them.

Also, as the story progresses, it will become a bit more evident that this isn't necessarily 'our' future, but one more closely aligned with a future promised by the events and fictions of the 1980's. Which makes sense from my perspective, as that is the decade that I was a teenager, and probably had the most profound effect on me of any given time period.

The story continues on my Comic Fury site. Also, there will be a rather large announcement regarding this project in the next few days, something I am quite excited about, and one that I hope to have an effect of reaching an even larger audience. Stay tuned!