'the last city' Painting Process page 2

I'm breaking down the process for putting together the pages for my webcomic 'the last city' here. This time, it's on page 2 of the first short story, the first page dealing with multiple panels. As with the other pages in this book, these were painted in Photoshop, in RGB, set up for magazine-sized (as opposed to standard comic book sized or my pin-up size), in 400dpi.

Basic thumbnail sketch for the page. This gives me a sense of what I'm wanting to do with the basic layout and storytelling on the page, as well as some lighting ideas. In this case, the third panel has the primary light source from below, to go with the idea that the main character is very high up on a balcony, far above the street.

Finished layout. I'm doing an overall pattern here with these pages, one where the entire page also forms one of the panels (in this case, the third panel). Essentially, it means that all the other story panels are floating over the main background. I've always liked that effect, as it can give a sense of scale to the story and to each individual page, making the world the characters are inhabiting seem a bit more fleshed-out, but it also forces me to pay even closer attention to my own storytelling ability. For instance, with this page, I have to make certain that the focus of the third panel is on the main character herself, and not the background details, so that the viewer's eye is drawn naturally from the first regular panel to the second regular panel to the main character in the third panel. Basically, all of the 'important' information in the third panel has to be below and to the right of the previous panels to continue the direction that the viewer's eye is already traveling. This helps the story flow better.

Flat colour layers laid down. You'll notice that I incorporate a white border around the black borders of the smaller panels, to further create the sense of them 'floating' over the third panel.

Background of panel 3 painted. I tend to paint the background of the 'primary' panel first, as it sets the tone for the entire page, and helps me determine the colour choices in the smaller panels. This helps in making certain that the colour choices flow from one panel to the next, and don't overlap and get confusing.

Main character painted in the third panel.

Remaining panels painted. You'll notice the colour shifts in the background on the first and second panels to pull them away from the elements of the third panel that surround them. Also, I realized I hadn't drawn the straps on her leg in the third panel, so those had to be painted in as well.

Page number and indicia added in.

You can read the rest of the series for free (!!) at this link, as well as check out other artwork of mine on my website! I hope you enjoy it, and please tell people about this series if you think they would like it!