'the last city' Painting Process - Page 1

Here's another blog post about my painting process, centering on the pages in my webcomic 'the last city'. As with all of my pin-up work, these pages are done in Photoshop, RGB, but at 400dpi due to the inclusion of text elements.

The basic breakdown of the page, showing the first of the three protagonists of the story preparing for a journey. The long box is centered in the image due to it being the most important element in the story, even though there is no clue as to why or what it contains just yet.

Laying down the flat colour layers for painting.

Painting the background and table. The protagonist herself will have internal blue lighting, so I gave the setting a warmer tone for contrast.

Painting of the figure complete. She is mostly in shadow to make the next page more of a reveal as to what she looks like so that there is more focus on the box in the foreground, again reinforcing its importance as a story element.

Adding in the page number and indicia. Each chapter of this overall story will be ten pages long, each focusing on one of the three main protagonists, thus all the page numbers reflect the '1/10, 2/10, etc' format.

My original plan was that, while there is no dialogue in this first short story, there would be audio all around her, in the form of 'found' sources - televisions, computers, radios, that sort of thing - talking about this date being a particularly solemn anniversary in the world. However, once I finished painting the first chapter (I paint each chapter, and then go back and add in all the lettering), I realized that I preferred the storytelling without that backstory being present, and that backstory would be told in later chapters anyway. Thus, this entire first chapter is devoid of dialogue of any sort.

One side effect of this approach, however, is that the name of this protagonist is not revealed in this chapter. That's fine, it is revealed in Chapter 4 (her next appearance) and, since as of the date of my writing this blog post, the webcomic is only up to Chapter 3, I won't reveal it here.

Please check out 'the last city' - it's completely free to read. And, if you like it, tell your friends and other people who might like it about the book.