'the last city' painting process - cover

I thought I would do a series of illustration process posts on my webcomic 'the last city', just to show how I go about putting together these pages. While the process itself is pretty much the same as with my regular paintings, these are more story-oriented (mostly being narrative comic book pages), so they have to do a bit more than regular pin-ups. That being said, I'm going to start with the initial cover I did for the project. And, just as with the other pin-ups, this is painted in Photoshop in RGB, but at 400dpi due to the inclusion of text on all of these pages.

Here I've laid out the basic cover design with a winged cyborg kneeling on a platform high up overtop of a huge city, with the buildings of the city forming a canyon or valley to the left. As of early July 2017, this particular character hasn't yet appeared in the story, but she is someone important that will show up later.

Laying down the flat colours to separate the various painting layers from each other. As you can see here, compared to my other paintings, I've been experimenting with using fewer painting layers on the characters themselves. Previously, I would use between eight and twenty layers for various elements of the machinery on the robots. Here, however, I am only using seven, and that is including the two for the wings.

Basic painting on the background. I'm going for a very warm colour palette for the background, as I know that I want to use blue internal lighting on the cyborg, so this works best for contrast.

Primary building painted. Again, with the lighting on the cyborg being blue, I still kept the warm tones on the building, reflected from the background, while showing some blue reflections from the woman herself on the window as well.

Basic metal painting on the figure done.

Internal blue lighting painted in, as well as adding a bit more of a glow from her above the figure to add more depth to the overall piece.

Titles and indicia added in. 

This piece creates the overall setting for the story. While it actually takes place over several locales, from the point of view of three separate protagonists, the overall feel of the world is very much this hi-tech cyberpunk look, especially in the future versions of Tokyo and Winnipeg that will be featured in the first few chapters. That being said, there will, as the story progresses, specific looks and themes that will become prevalent in each particular setting, some that will deviate from this specific look, but always with a similar overall feel.

Be sure to check out 'the last city' - it is free to read online, the first two chapters are (as of today) already up, and the third chapter is completed, with new pages going up every Monday and Thursday.