Painting Process: Robot And Car

Here's another in my series of process posts, where I lay out how I put together one of my robot paintings. As with all the others in this series, this painting was done in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I've drawn out the basic design with Houston stepping out of a small muscle car, using some sort of quasi-steampunk setting in the background. This Old West setting, combined with the car, informed my adding in the elements of the pistol on her hip and the goggles around her neck.

Robot design on Houston drawn in.

Basic flat colour layers laid down for the HoustonBot. Note that, as always, the colours used here won't reflect the actual colours used to paint with, but just serve to visually separate the various painting layers from each other.

Flat colour layers laid down for the vehicle.

Remaining background flat painting layers created.

Starting to paint the deep background. I'm going with a very warm colour palette here, which will get me using a much cooler set of colours on Houston. Although, as this progresses, I'll tinker with that quite a bit.

Train painted and additional effects dropped in over it to push the background a bit further back, desaturating it so that foreground colours will pop more.

Basic design of the station gate painted, as well as the ground under the car.

Vehicle painted. I liked the idea of it being hot rod red, so I added in a cool (colour-temperature) side light from the front to further separate it from the background.

Hair, goggles, pistol and belts painted.

Primary metal painting completed. Due to going with such a bright Old West background, I kept my usage of internal lights on the HoustonBot to a minimum, just basically having her eyes glowing, rather than the normal glow strips at the shoulders, chest, and hips. That also serves to pop her forward in the image more.

Final lighting and overall polish and effects painted in.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at my RedBubble Gallery.