Painting Process: Cybergoth Robot With Sword

I took a bit of a hiatus from this to get my webcomic 'the last city' up and running, but here's another in my series of posts on how I put together one of my robot paintings. As with all the other paintings in this series, this was painted in Photoshop, 300dpi, 12"x18", in RGB.

I start out with the basic sketch of the robot, in this case modeled by Marie, that gets built up with my ideas for the robotics. Despite the cybergoth gas mask (or perhaps because of it), I wanted to give her more of a human look, so I have put back more of a human expression into her eyes. I find it gives it an even creepier overall effect. The background design came from a second photo of her as this looming figure in the background, all merged into a factory complex.

Basic flat colour layers laid down. As with all the paintings in this series, the colours here don't reflect my final painting choices, but just serve to separate the various painting layers from each other visually.

Flat colour layers laid down on the various background elements. The larger robot figure is more clearly visible here, but I know I will want it to remain merged with the deeper background.

Deep background painted.

Background robot painted. 

Primary painting on Marie completed, including the use of more of a skin tone around her eyes. Also, as purple is Marie's favourite colour, I do tend to like to incorporate it into the designs I do with her.

Sword painted, all lighting effects painted in.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at my RedBubble Gallery. And don't forget to check out my ongoing webcomic 'the last city' - it is available to be read for free online!