Painting Process: Robot With Jetpack

Here's another in my series of Painting Process posts, where I discuss how I put together one of my robot pieces. As with all the other paintings in this series, this was done in Photoshop, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

Starting with a photograph I had taken of Monique, I built up the basic sketch of a robot with jet pack deployed, landing on a platform, large city in the background. Initially, I was playing with the idea of a broken planet off in the deep background, but even here I was wondering if that notion was a bit to busy.

Basic robot design laid out.

Background city design tightened up and laid out. I changed two thing here from the initial design, adding in the broken giant statue in the city, as well as removing the damage to the initial planet, while also adding another small moon or some such orbiting above.

Flat colour layers laid down on Monique. As always, the colours here do not represent the final colour scheme of the painting, but just serve to make the various painting layers visually distinct from each other.

Flat colour layers for the platform laid down.

Flat colour layers for the various background elements laid down.

First pass at painting the deep background. I was thinking about having that large planet being obviously inhabited, and as such I would include lighting that would indicate structures, cities, even perhaps a couple of globe-girdling super highways. Certainly there are impressions of all those ideas, giving the impression that the location of this setting is actually another moon orbiting that large planet, to justify how close everything is.

Deep cityscape painted. 

Middle ground cityscape and statue painted. The deeper cityscape is less saturated while the foreground buildings are darker and more saturated, giving a sense of depth. The deep reds throughout clearly indicate to me that I want to go with a cool colour scheme on Monique to separate her from the extremely warm background.

Platform painted. Going with neutral colours here, reflecting some of the warm light from the background, as well as going with small green lights to further separate it from the background.

Initial metal painting on Monique. The prominent colour here for me is the pale blue of her hair, very striking against that deep red background.

Basic metal painting on the jet pack/wing assembly.

Internal lights on Monique and her jet pack painted, and further polishing and lighting effects painted in. I went with more of a purple lighting scheme on the jet pack, while keeping the lights on her body closer to blue just to keep the two elements related but slightly different for depth and increased interest.

Prints of the final piece can be purchased at my RedBubble Gallery.