Painting Process: Robot With Sword

Another of my procedural posts. As with all of the paintings in this series, this one was painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", RGB, at 300dpi.

I started with a basic robot illustration of Erin, going with a very simple sword design. I wanted the expression on her face and the energy in her arms to be the primary focus of this piece, rather than a lot of embellishment with accessories or wings.

From that pose, I built up the design of the cityscape behind her, including the small flying craft above for movement.

Starting to lay down the flat colour layers for painting. As always, the colours used here serve only to visually separate the various painting layers from each other, and have no bearing on the final colour choices when painting.

Flat colour layers for the background laid down.

Basic painting of the background done. I went with a cool colour scheme, which would necessitate my going with a warmer palette on the figure for separation.

Sword painted and the energy blade lit up.

Basic metal painting done on the figure. Quite often I will paint in shades of grey and then play with colour after that is completed, depending on what my ideas are. If I know that I want the figure to be entirely one colour scheme, I'll quite often just paint it with that colour scheme initially, but if I'm thinking that there will be more colour variation, I'll go with grey and adjusting later.

Colours in the main figure added, additional lighting added in, as well as a figure that would be behind the viewer is painted as a reflection into the figure.

The final version can be seen (and prints of it purchased) at my RedBubble gallery.