Painting Process: Robot With Jetpack

As with all of these paintings, this was painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi in RGB.

I drew out the basic design based on a photo of Ember. I was going for a much more Alien-esque look to the background, but still rooted in my own mechanical style.

Flat colour layers laid down on the robot. As always, the colours used here just visually separate the various painting layers from each other, and don't bear any relation to the final colour scheme used when painting.

Final background layers dropped in.

Background painted. Definitely a bit of a biomechanical style going on here.

Foreground platform painted, and a bit of fog added behind it for depth, really required with such an abstract pattern in the background.

Basic metal painting on the robot done.

Basic painting of the internal light sources painted in.

Colour separation increased between the central figure and the background, as well as lighting effects painted in.

The final piece can be seen, and prints purchased of it, at my RedBubble Gallery.