Painting Process: Robot And Planet

Here's another in my series of painting process posts, in which I discuss my procedure for one of my robot paintings. Like with all the paintings in this series, this one was done in Photoshop, at 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I started with the basic robot illustration from a photo I had taken of Emily, one that we had done with the notion that she was holding some sort of holographic representation of a planet between her hands. 

Going with the basic theme of the planet, I then designed these circular scaffolds both in front of her and behind her to add depth. I had the idea that she was on the deck of some sort of space station or something, so there would be a space background behind her to complete the overall theme.

Flat colour layers laid down on the robot. As always, the colours used here won't reflect the colours used when painting, but instead just serve to visually separate the various painting layers from each other.

Flat colour layers for the background and foreground laid down.

Space background added in. I had created a basic space pattern for a project several years ago, and tend to go back to it as a starting point when I require shots of stars. It was a huge background I had designed, one that can easily be adapted and repainted. Here, I've added in a lot of stars that radiate away from the centre of the image, continuing to pull the eye toward the planet.

Basic metal painting on most of the figure behind the planet.

Basic metal painting on the arms. Due to all the warm colours in the background, it was clear that I wanted to go with a cool colour palette for the glowing planet, which would then get reflected into Emily. Thus, I brought in lighting from that background to wash over her shoulders and sides for contrast.

Planet painted and first pass at the glow from it and other effects dropped in.

Foreground painted. The painting here is very simple to keep the focus on Emily and the planet.

Final painting and effects dropped in.

The final image can be seen and purchased at my RedBubble Gallery.