Painting Process: Reflected Robot

This is another in my series of posts detailing the rough process whereby I put together one of my paintings. As with all of these, this one was done at 12"x18", 300dpi, painted in Photoshop, in RGB.

Starting with the basic layout from two photos of Erika, I put together the idea for this piece. I love playing with reflections, and I had several opportunities to do that here. The primary one, of course, is the main reflection of Erika in the mirror to the right. There is also the reflection on the floor of the two images. And, finally, once I'm into the painting process, there will be a bit of a reflection in the window behind her of her arm.

The basic robot design is laid out on the main figure.

The reflection and rear figure have robot designs laid out as well. The reflection, naturally, had to have an identical pattern, but the one in the background has a slight variation, with emphasis on the articulation in the hip.

Laying down the flat colour layers for the main colour. As with all of these, the colours chosen for these layers won't necessarily reflect the final colours used when painting, but just serve to visually separate the various layers from each other.

Flat colour layers created for the primary room.

Flat colour layers created for the robot reflection and the reflection of the primary room.

Finally, flat colour layers created for the robot in the background as well as the room she is in. As the deep background is very far in the distance, and will mostly serve as a light source, no additional detail is required for flat colour layers.

Deep background painted. I went with a somewhat spooky green palette to both function as a cool (colour-wise) colour layer as well as to add a bit more of a creepy/gothic feel to the piece. This will also serve to inform me that I'll be going with warmer colours as I move toward the viewer. I also painted in the suggestion of a further reflection in the rear window of that secondary robot.

Primary metal painting on the rear robot completed.

Interior space of the primary room painted, as well as how it reflected into the mirror. Still going with a very cool colour palette to let the robot stand out when warmer colours are used on her.

Primary robot reflection painted.

Primary robot painted. I used the blonde hair of the model for inspiration to keep her hair light to allow the prominent lighting on her to still remain somewhat ethereal.

Robot lighting effects painted in, polishing and touch-ups completed, and the central figure made warmer to further stand out from the rest of the background. I've also added a bit of grit to the mirror and the window to further make them stand out as reflective surfaces.

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