Painting Process: Robot On Subway

This is another in my posts where I show the basic process to creating one of my robot paintings. As with all of these, this piece was done in Photoshop, RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

I sketched out this design based on a photograph I took of Emily. The slight reflection in the subway car behind her was inspired from the fact that she was crouching on a bedroom dresser in the photo, and she was reflected in a mirror behind her. Plus, I am looking for any excuses to work reflective imagery into my work.

Flat colour layers were then laid down for the various elements. Note that, as always, the colours used here won't necessarily reflect the colour choices in the final painting, but just serve to visually separate the various layers from each other.

Ceiling painted. I'm going with a warm background, which then sets the pattern to use a cool colour scheme on Emily later. I tend to prefer to paint the backgrounds first, to create the environment in which the characters live.

Subway car painted. Still reinforcing that warm background with some orange lighting under the car.

Foreground platform painted. I added the bullet hole as a hint to how dangerous this world I've been exploring can get from time to time.

Basic metal painting on Emily, going with a very strong cool colour scheme.

Internal lighting on Emily painted, and additional metal polishing and other lighting effects added in, including the glowing literary tattoo on her left shoulder.

And that's the basic rundown of the piece. The final version can be seen at my RedBubble Gallery, where prints, t-shirts, and other products with this image can be purchased.