Painting Process: Retro Robot Factory

Here's another in my series of posts where I break down the process for painting one of my robot pieces. As with all of the others in this series, these pieces are painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I started by laying out the primary figure, building up the composition from that. This was taken from a photo I took of the lovely Monique.

I then sketched in the two figures that would be in the background, the ones that would still be in storage in the facility.

Using those three figures as the base, I then drew out the basic design of the factory/storage facility, including the glass containers for the second and third figures.

I then started developing the design of the primary robot figure. I wanted each one of them to have their own specific design, but I kept the hair the same so they all still had the same retro feel.

Robot designs on the background figures laid out.

Dropping in flat colour layers for the primary figure. Not that the colours here aren't meant to indicate the final colour scheme, but just to separate the various painting layers visually.

Flat colour layers for the second and third robots created.

Flat layers for the background dropped in.

Basic painting on the background and glass containers done. Going with a cool colour palette, which means that the robots themselves should get gradually warmer the closer they are to the viewer.

Basic metal painting on the second and third robots.

Internal lighting effects added to the second and third robots, including showing their lighting reflecting back from the interior of the glass containers they are housed in.

Primary robot figure painted.

Primary robot figure internal lighting added and additional polishing and touchups completed.

The final version can be seen, and prints of it purchased, at my RedBubble gallery.