Painting Process: Robot Constructing Other Robots

This is another in my series of posts where I break down my method for doing my robot painting. As with all of these paintings, this was done in Photoshop, in RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

Starting with a series of photographs of Ember in various poses, I built up this concept of one central robot figure building another robot, with other pieces from other robots surrounding her. I love playing with the notion of constructing and deconstructing my robot figures, and we came up with some good stuff for it during the shoot.

Once that initial layout was done, I then developed the space the robot creator was working in. This is some sort of abandoned arcology or something, probably on an upper floor (there is a slight curvature to the wall/ceiling indicating that it could be just below the top of the building). I filled the space with a variety of old computer hardware as well.

Creating the actual robot designs. I knew I wanted the creator robot be a different style of machine from the other versions she was created, so I went with this more fluid design with no obvious gears or mechanisms within her, while the seated figure more closely resembles my 'standard' designs.

Laying down the flat colour layers to be painted later, first on the robot under construction. As with all of these, the colours here don't represent the final colours to be used during painting, but just serve to visually separate the various layers from each other.

Colour layers for the creator robot and more machinery dropped in.

Remaining colour layers created.

Painting beginning on the deep background. I went with cool colours to give the background real depth, which will indicate that I will go with warm colours in the foreground and on the primary figures.

Remaining setting painted, mostly in neutral shades.

Two unfinished robots painted, going with the same neutral colour scheme.

Remaining background unfinished robot painted, using the same colour scheme.

Creator robot painted. I went with strong reds for her internal lighting, really separating her from the environment, while the neutral tones of the metal still keep her clearly in the same setting.

Robot under construction painting completed. She is a bit warmer than the other robots, pulling her a bit further forward in the painting.

Internal lighting added to the robot under construction. The yellow/orange adds to her warmth, keeping her far forward in the overall composition, while still tying her a bit to the red tones of the robot that is building her.

Final lighting effects and overall polishing completed.

The final version can be seen (and prints, t-shirts, and stickers purchased) on my RedBubble gallery.