Painting Process: Robot Angel

I haven't posted one of these in quite a while. Time to rectify that with one of my favourite pieces!

As with all of these paintings, this was done in Photoshop at 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I started with a photo of August perched on a chair, then sketching out this sci-fi environment around her. My idea was a winged robot up high on a cell tower or something similar in a city. I've gone with a combination of sci-fi settings here, with most of the piece reflecting a more modern take on the science fiction city, while there is definitely more than a little retro feel to the rocket in the midst of the towers. Plus, it is always fun to draw a ringed planet.

Designing the robot pattern on August and her wings.

Dropping in flat colour layers. As with all of these, the colours chosen don't reflect that final painting colour scheme, but rather just serve to differentiate which segments of the robot design are on which layers for painting. Although choosing a very different colour (in this case, very light yellow) for where the 'glass energy' effects will be, serves to further separate that texture from the rest of the robot design.

Flat colour layers created for the middle to deep background elements.

Beginning the painting process. The atmosphere of the moon is heavily affecting how much of the ringed planet will be visible, so everything is very misty.

Painting the surface of the moon off in the distance, creating additional misty effects going up to the sky. All of this, including the cool palette, serves to help separate the foreground and background elements, and points to using a warmer colour palette on August.

Flying spacecraft painted, including jet blasts/contrails to give more of a sense of distance.

Retro-style rocket painted. You can see the colours begin to warm a bit as we move further forward in space here.

Cityscape painted and additional atmospheric effects added. I'm wanting the focus of this piece to be entirely devoted to August.

Tower element painted.

Primary metal painting on August. I'm painting her in fairly neutral tones at the moment so that I can alter them when I decide on the final colour for the 'glass energy' elements (although even at this point, I was thinking deep reds to contrast against the cool background).

Metal painting in the wings painted.

Glass energy elements painted, and the robot elements warmed up to create the environment where that red lighting can really be shown off.

Lighting effects and polishing done.

Note that everything here was hand-painted, rather than 3D modeled or anything. Prints (and other products) with this image can be purchased at my RedBubble gallery.