Thor and The Recorder - page 1

Once in a while, I get asked to colour a short story commissioned by someone who wants to write their own version of a character. I've done a few of these, about the Thing, Doctor Strange, even Wonder Woman. This time, it was about Thor and another, less well-known character, The Recorder. I don't recall the last time I would have seen this Marvel Comics character, perhaps in an issue of 'What If?' or something, so it was fun getting to work with a more obscure figure of the Marvel Universe.

Here's page 1 of this 8 page story. I'll be posting the story over the next eight weeks.

Pencils and inks by Keith Pollard, lettering by Ferran Delgado, colouring by me. I'm credited as 'Ian Man' here, because the writer/commissioner asked what sort of Marvel-style nickname I would like in the credits. Being a huge Iron Man fan, and even being called Ian Man by some of my friends once in a while, I went with that.

My commission rates for this sort of thing can be found on my website.