Robot Demons

More horror and Halloween-themed paintings continue this October!

This piece started with the very statuesque Erin looking ready to cause some trouble. With her pose looking a bit distracted, however, I thought it would really work if someone was up over her shoulder, and I had a great shot of Emily crouched down that I felt would integrate well into the composition. Putting those two pieces together, the background opened up to something much larger and more sinister than I had originally thought, resulting in me going with this more horror-based composition. We seem to be seeing more and more into the creation process of different types of robots in this world, which does seem to involve vacuum chambers of varying types.

Prints and t-shirts of this piece can be purchased on my RedBubble Gallery. I've recently been having a run on t-shirts of one of my darker robot pieces, and I'd like to encourage more people to look at getting t-shirts of these images.  Also, be sure to check out my Facebook page for more of my stuff, including more behind-the-scenes images.