Painting Process: Robot and Giant Robot in Winnipeg

This is another in my series where I break down my process for painting one of my robot pieces. As with all of these, this one is painted in Photoshop, RGB, 12"x18", at 300 dpi.

The basic concept I came up with is having Stephanie up high on a cell tower or something similar with Ember behind her as a giant robot, something the size of other buildings that surround her. I then loosely based the city around them on Winnipeg.

I drew out the robot design on Stephanie. Because of all the small points of light in the background (from all the windows), I wanted larger (in the frame of the painting) lights on her, so I went with my 'glass energy' design to the robot, giving her a lot of internal lighting.

Foreground of the city laid out, the robot design of Ember behind that. One thing that would aid in the sense of scale between the two women would be making elements of their designs different. One difference would be how few light sources that Ember would have in comparison to Stephanie, but that some (her eyes in particular) would be much stronger.

Remaining buildings drawn in. The major buildings in downtown Winnipeg don't quite line up this way, but it was only meant to be inspiration.

Flat colour layers for painting on Stephanie and the cell tower laid down. As with all of these, the colours used here won't reflect the actual colours I'll be painting her with, but just serve to separate the various painting layers from each other visually.

Building and Ember flat layers dropped in.

Remaining background colour layers dropped in.

Background painted. All of this is done with traditional hand-painting techniques using a variety of custom brushes that I've made over the years.

Basic metal painting on Ember. This does follow the lighting and texture in the original photograph of her, but just as inspiration.

Lighting and polishing effects painted on Ember, and a rain effect created.

Remaining building and cell tower painted, all following the same lighting as Ember and what I'll be doing with Stephanie.

Basic metal painting on Stephanie, again basically following the lighting in the original photograph of her.

Internal lighting and polishing painted on Stephanie, as well as adding additional rain and lighting effects behind her to further separate her in space from the rest of the image.

The finished piece can be seen (and prints and t-shirts of it purchased) on my RedBubble Gallery.