Painting Process: Robot and Giant Robot

Here's another in my series of posts where I break down the creation of one of my robot paintings. As with all of these, this was painted in Photoshop, 300dpi, 12"x18", in RGB.

The initial idea for this piece came from the shot of Emily climbing. That had been taken with the idea that she was exploring a space station or some other vehicle like that, but these things take on a life of their own. Looking at the photo, I realized that, with my overall style of work, it would be quite interesting if she were actually crawling around inside the wreck of a large robot instead. When I next did a shoot with Selina, we set up a shot with her with this idea in mind, with her being the larger, disused robot.

Here I've laid out the design of Selina, making it much more complicated than I normally do to get across the concept of it being broken.

I've drawn out the robot pattern on Emily. I also changed the background cityscape, giving it much more of a feel of Calgary rather than some generic city.

Flat layers laid down for the external portions of Selina. As with all of these, the colours used here won't reflect the actual colours used for painting, but just serve to visually separate the different layers from each other.

Flat colour layers on Emily laid down.

The remaining colour layers on Selina, the interior of the robot, laid down.

The various cityscape and background painting layers dropped in.

City and fog painted in. Any and all effects are hand-rendered using traditional painting techniques and a wide variety of custom-made brushes that I've created over the years.

External painting on Selina completed. 

Internal painting on Selina completed. I went with a cool colour palette externally and a warm palette internally to help differentiate those parts of the robot from each other, also using Emily as an internal light source.

Basic painting on Emily completed.

Lighting on Emily painted in, as well as overall polishing and finishing touches.

The finished piece can be seen (and prints and other products purchased) on my RedBubble Gallery.