Colouring Gene Gonzalez - Alternate Superboy #212 Cover

A week or so ago, I had seen that Gene, the artist that I coloured on Perils On Planet X, had drawn this alternate version of a Superboy And The Legion Of Super Heroes cover. I was quite taken with the piece, and asked if he'd let me take a shot at colouring it.

The Legion has long been a favourite series of mine, starting with those small DC Digests reprinting their adventures from the 60's that I would read in the late 70's. 

I made Night Girl quite a bit lighter than I would normally, to visually reinforce the point that she was being caught in direct sunlight (where her powers were nullified), including brightening up the light source on the ground around her. This, of course, further distances her from Shadow Lass, in shades of blue and much darker, heightening the tension in the story.