Painting Process: Robot Angel and Flying Car

Here's another in my process series where I show the basic steps I go through to create one of my robot paintings. As with all of these pieces, this is painted in Photoshop, at 300dpi, 12"x18", in RGB.

Starting with a photo of Ember, I built up this basic illustration of her with a very spiky wing pattern, standing in a futuristic cityscape, probably on top of a building.

Next step is creating the basic robot design, including determining where I will place the internal light sources.

I did a second pass on working out the wing pattern. I figured that, from this angle, her right wing wouldn't reveal many gaps and that I should really just make it look like a solid piece.

The background seemed a bit sparse, so I decided to drop in a flying car design behind her on the building, and rebuilt the building design to have it sitting on a raised platform, making the overall scene more dynamic and interesting.

Basic flat colour layers laid down for painting. As with all of these, the colours used don't really reflect the final colour choices I'll be working with when going on to the painting stage, but are just to visually separate the various layers from each other.

Colour layers for the wings laid down.

Vehicle and building layers dropped in.

Deep background painting started. I've gone with warm tones back there, so that would lead me to paint Ember with cooler tones.

Middle-ground building painted, including painting in reflections of the larger city in the large windows, giving the scene more scope.

Foreground building roof painted, going for neutral colour tones here.

Raised platform painted, using the same tones.

Flying car painted. Like with the building behind it, I added in reflections of the city (mostly just the aforementioned building) to add even more scope to the background).

Basic metal painting on Ember done.

Basic painting on the wings painted in, using a slightly grayer colour scheme.

Final lighting effects and red hair added, inspired by Ember's own hair colour.

The final version is up for sale on my RedBubble gallery.