Painting Process: Robot At Window

Here's another in my work-in-progress posts where I discuss the process of creating one of my robot paintings. As with all of these pieces, this one was painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

This piece started with the very lovely Stephanie standing next to a set of patio doors which gave her a huge lighting contrast, something I definitely wanted to incorporate into the piece. I roughed out the basic idea for the setting, with a high-tech room facing over a cyberpunk cityscape.

Robot design over Stephanie drawn in. I'm keeping the internal lighting on Stephanie limited to just her eyes to allow the major lighting coming from outside the window.

Basic flat painting layers laid down. The various colours just stand in for the individual painting layers, and will have no relevance on the final colour scheme of the painting.

Background colour layers dropped in.

The painting done on the room's interior. I wanted to keep that very simple and flat to put focus on both Stephanie (and her high-contrast lighting) and the deep cityscape.

Cityscape painted. With the cityscape tinted green, and the interior painted in a cool colour scheme, I can already see that I need to go with a neutral to warm colour palette on Stephanie, with a cool light source from the window itself.

This one is a bit subtle but important. I've added a reflection of Stephanie onto the window, to make it look more like a glass surface rather than just a hole in the side of the building. I didn't add a lot of crazy lighting to the reflection because I wanted to keep it very subtle, but it does add a sense of realism.

Basic metal painting on Stephanie. 

Lighting, colour, and polishing effects added in, including making the window itself a more obvious light source, with a neutral/warm light source to the left of frame to better round out the figure and the warm lighting from her eyes to make Stephanie jump out just that much more.

The finished version can be seen (and prints of it purchased) at my RedBubble gallery.