Painting Process: Steampunk Robots in a Gentleman's Club

As with all of these robot paintings, this one was done in Photoshop, 300dpi, in RGB, at 12"x18".

This one started with three separate photos of Emily, all taken in her living room. She has some very cool-looking books, and I wanted to incorporate them into a shoot. When I saw how far apart the chairs were that I shot the two robots in, I realized that there should be some sort of additional figure between them, so I came up with the idea of the Egyptian-styled statue.

The rest of the Club sketched in. This is very loosely based on the living room we shot in, just made much more dark and club-like.

Flat colour layers created for the robots and statue. Note that, like in all the previous paintings, the colours used here won't necessarily reflect the final colours used in the painting, but just serve to visually separate the various colour layers for painting.

Flat colour layers for the books dropped in.

Finally, the various colour layers for the background and setting elements dropped in.

Starting in on painting the background. I was going with a warm theme, as that is the usual palette for the traditional Gentleman's Club (although green features in them as well), which will necessitate using cooler colours on the robots. 

Leather furniture painted.

Foreground globe and rug painted.

Gold statue and steampunk robots painted. While traditionally gold, going with the warm tones on the statue also ties it more into the background, so the statue helps serve as part of the setting that the two robots inhabit.

Books painted and very slight atmospheric effects and polishing done, completing the piece.

The final version can be seen (and prints purchased) on my RedBubble page.