Painting Process: Robot Spider

As with all of these paintings, this one was done in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I started with a series of photos of Richelle, to give her the multi-armed look I was wanting. I've done this idea a couple of times before, and will be doing it again in an upcoming piece, and I've always liked the multi-armed look, even if it does require quite a bit more work figuring out the lighting and composition of the piece.

For the setting, I went with some sort of hangar bay interior, perhaps onboard a larger spacecraft. She could be crew, a stowaway, part of the craft's internal security system, or just something that got trapped onboard and is a wee bit upset, I don't know.

Sketching out the actual robot design. 

Creating the separate painting layers. As before, each separate colour only indicates that it is on a different layer, and won't necessarily have anything to do with the finished colour palette. 

Flat layers laid down for the various spacecraft in the background.

Painting the background. Several atmospheric layers were created between the various ships to add to the depth.

Foreground machinery painted.

Additional lighting effects and colour tweaks going on in the background. At this point, I decided that the background was going to be chiefly cool tones with the robot in warm tones.

Most robot layers painted. 

Remaining robot layers painted.

Lighting effects, metal polishing, and foreground atmosphere and lighting painted in.

You can see the finished version (and purchase prints of it) on my RedBubble page.