Iron Man Stealth Armour Pin-Up

I'm pretty sure that I've already mentioned once or twice that Iron Man is my favourite super hero ever. Well, that all started with the issue that introduced the Stealth Armour, the suit he wore to cross over into East Germany (back when that was still a thing) to do some snooping. I had seen the character before this, most likely in the Avengers and other random Marvel comics, but this was the first time the character really clicked for me. Which is kinda funny, as Tony gets his ass handed to him while wearing it, but whatever.

It mostly inspired me to start drawing the character, something I've been doing solidly for the thirty-four years since it came out. And that combination of John Romita Jr and Bob Layton artwork has influenced my own work that entire time.

This is a new stealth armour piece I finished up yesterday.

As with the Guardian piece I posted last week, this is something I was doing between classes while teaching lately, and have been really trying to push what I can do with cityscape backgrounds.

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