Behind The Scenes

Every so often, when developing a new painting, I like to post a photo of the initial breakdown (or, sometimes, the flatted image) up on my Facebook page. Usually just a shot of my computer that I take with my phone or something, giving more of a glimpse into this whole painting process. I've decided to post a bunch of them here as well.

You can see that I tend to do a lot of work in a coffee shop pretty close to where I live in downtown Winnipeg.

I'm not going to get into all the technical specs of what I'm showing here, but I do draw these out in such a way that each major element (separate robots, the background, things like that) show up in different colours, just to keep these elements straight while I work on them.

And for those that are interested, I'm using an Acer Aspire laptop from 2011 with a Wacom Bamboo tablet. Not much of a gaming machine, but works great for painting and other work, which is what I was wanting (I prefer consoles for gaming and video anyway).