Robby The Robot, Veritech, and Iron Man

The next week will be spent mostly working on pencil illustrations for the upcoming Calgary Expo.

While most of the pieces I've been posting here have been 10"x15", these three, and most of the ones I'll be doing for the next few days, are all 8.5"x11".

First, the version of Iron Man from the end of the Armor Wars in the 80's. A cool, sleek design.

Next, a classic of 50's science fiction cinema, Robby The Robot. Mostly known for being in Forbidden Planet, he has also shown up in Lost In Space, Mork And Mindy, and Columbo. I'm sure there are plenty of other appearances. Honestly, this is one character I could cosplay.

Finally, a Veritech fighter (in Battloid mode) from Robotech, a very early example of the transformable robot/vehicle craze. 

Each of these smaller pieces is available for purchase for $40. I'll be posting more over the coming week.