Steampunk Cowgirl Robot and Train

I do love blending steampunk and the Old West together, and going to the Calgary Expo in a month sure helps for this sort of inspiration.

This piece features August, another new model. I've been working with several new models in the past couple of months, looking to increase my range of robot styles before going to the Calgary Expo. There has been even more diversity in my style and content, all fitting within the gothic robot project that I've been developing, in these past few months, and I'm hoping to continue that into the future. August and I had a fantastic shoot, and there will be several more pieces from that shoot in the coming months.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link. Also, if you are in the Calgary, Alberta, area from April 16th to the 19th of 2015, come to the Calgary Expo and check out my work for sale at the Winnipeg Is Nerdy booth - I'll even have copies of my book, Like Tears In The Rain, for sale, as well as a variety of prints and original pencil illustrations.