Painting Process: Film Noir Robot

Another in my series of painting process posts, showing the basic structure of how I do one of my robot (and other style) paintings. As with all the other paintings, this one is 12"x18", 300dpi, painted in Photoshop in RGB.

This one was created around the idea of using a film noir style with my robot designs. I started with a photo of Guido (from a shoot mostly based around the idea of noir) leaning on the balcony of her apartment, smoking a cigar. Here, I've drawn out the robot pattern on her, incorporating the robe she was wearing.

Adding in a very noir-themed hat, I built up a larger balcony design based on her actual balcony.

Finally, I've drawn in a cityscape based on the skyline of Winnipeg that appeared in the original photograph, just carried a bit further.

Flat colour layers laid down. Each colour here represents a different colour layer to be painted. As with all of these pieces, the colours used here won't necessarily represent the final painting choices later.

Background colour layers dropped in.

Cityscape painted. My main deviation (aside from using a robot) from traditional film noir is using a colour scheme at all, rather than just leaving it completely monochromatic. Not that there aren't colour noir films, but it is best known for being black and white. However, I am using a very restricted colour palette here, so it still pays homage to that.

Balcony painted. The colour shift from warm background to cool foreground already appears here.

Hat and robe painted. Very limited painting style with both, leaving all the modelling for the figure herself.

Metal painting done and cigar lit up. The warm background is strongly framing the balcony and robot here.

Final metal polishing and metal effects added in.

The final version can be seen, and prints purchased of it, at this link.

Also, I'll be appearing at the Calgary Expo, April 16-19 2015, as part of the Winnipeg is Nerdy booth with my friend Jamie Isfeld. I'll have lots of prints and original artwork for sale, as well as copies of my book Like Tears In The Rain. I'll be discussing this appearance more in the coming weeks, but come and check it out if you are in the Calgary area at that time!