Painting Process: Robot and Skull

Here's another in my Painting Process series, breaking down a lot of my approach to painting one of these robot pieces. As with all of these, the pieces are painted in Photoshop, 300dpi, 12"x18", in RGB.

The original photograph I had taken of Kelsie had her right next to a window, with such a strong highlight on her that I knew that I needed to put the light source in the finished painting. So, I developed the idea of her being inside a spaceship of some sort, perhaps the engine room or something, examining a metal skull. The skull I was using as a prop is actually a candle holder, one of the large number of cool goth props I have lying around.

Flat layers created for the robot parts. As with all of these pieces, the various colours just represent each separate painting layer, and don't necessarily reflect the colour scheme I use in the final version.

The basic background element layers added.

Beginning to paint the background. I was definitely looking at a lot of small light sources scattered around the background, but most of this would be washed out by the two large lamps featured in front of them.

Middle ground metal elements painted.

Major light sources added in. I created a glow from them washing over the deep background, and even add some glow over the middle ground, including spot highlights here and there.

Hair and skull painted. With the main light source being cool, I decided to go with a warm colour scheme on the robot.

Robot parts painted. More blue added into the glow in the background to further push Kelsie into the foreground.

Final polishing and effects added on her and the background.

The finished version can be seen (and prints purchased) at this link.