Steampunk Robots in a Gentleman's Club

I do love the aesthetic of the old Gentleman's Club. I much prefer the clubs, however, when women are actually allowed in.

During a recent shoot with Emily, I came up with the idea of the Egyptian-style statue in this sort of setting. Much of the shoot was done with steampunk ideas (and, specifically, Emily as a robot that was reading) in mind, but the statue in between two EmilyBots just seemed to fit into that whole look. I just ended up building the entire club room around her.

I also realize that I could easily have added in heavy cigar smoke for atmosphere, but I like how the clean look works here.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link. Redbubble has been adding other products that also carry this image, including t-shirts, laptop covers, coffee mugs, travel mugs, lots of different things. So go, take a look at the different products that they've got customized with my work on it.