Painting Process: Robot With Gun And Armed Vehicle

Here's another of my posts breaking down my painting process for one of my pieces. As with all of these pieces, this was done in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

This started with a photograph of Erin from a shoot we did out at the Sandilands Provincial forest - the overall idea for the shoot was 'armed robot with armed car', loosely based on the setting from the game Car Wars. As I've discussed before, I'm a long-time fan of that game and setting, and I love working with that particular aesthetic. Erin was very keen on the idea as well, being someone who is a fan of Airsoft, even going so far as to provide her own props for the shoot. For this piece, I was working with the idea of her exploring a bombed-out town, and developed the line illustration around that.

Laying down the flat colour layers on Erin. As with all of these pieces, the separate colours each represent a separate colour layer to paint later. The colours used won't necessarily reflect the final overall colour scheme used in the piece.

Flat colour layers for the vehicle dropped in. I based the design of the car on a few different vehicles, although certainly there is a lot of Camaro influence.

The town painting layer dropped in.

I decided to go with a night scene, with very dark and cool colours. This would, of course, make me want to work with warmer colours on the vehicle and Erin later.

Painting the vehicle. I was going for a sense of mass, of making the car look much heavier than current sports cars actually are, so that it would be able to physically hold the weaponry on it and withstand the recoil from all of them firing.

Hair and weapon on Erin painted. The gun design was based on an Airsoft rifle that Erin had provided, but both thickened and shortened. I realize that removing the barrel past where her left hand is holding it would drastically reduce the effective range, but I liked the idea of it being a tougher weapon, more designed for house-to-house actions rather than long-range combat. She probably has a sniper rifle or something inside the vehicle if that would be required, anyway.

Robot design painted. The entire foreground is much warmer in tone than the background without being hugely saturated. I quite like muted colours for these pieces, although I have been tinkering with more saturated colours in some of my more recent work. Still, the orange headlights create a nice pop of colour saturation without being too distracting to the overall piece.

Final lighting and polishing effects added, as well as a soft blue fog effect to separate Erin from the vehicle and background, as well as further separating the vehicle and the background.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.