Painting Process: Heavy Metal Robot

I really can't think of a much better name for this painting, aside from referencing the wings in it.

Here's another of my painting process blog posts, breaking down one of my paintings. As with all of these robot pieces, they are painted in Photoshop, in RGB, 300dpi, 12"x18". I use an Acer laptop with a Bamboo tablet.

I started with a photograph I had taken of Luna. In addition to her body language and overall look, one of the things that were informing the idea of this piece were the arm bands she was wearing. I decided to run with that idea and add some chain elements into the robot design.

Like with her last piece, I went with a pentagram-inspired wing pattern, as well as the inclusion of a bit more chain work. The background is inspired by some machinery in a train museum I had photographed a year or so ago.

Laying down the initial flat colour layers to be painted on Luna. As with all the previous paintings, these colours do not reflect what colours I will eventually choose to paint with, but simply demarcate the various layers on the figure and painting.

Wing layers flatted in.

Background painted. I decided to go with a strong warm light source behind her, off between the pipes and machinery, so I will then be relying on a cool light source for the figure modelling. 

Hair and part of the metal modelling painted. 

Remaining metal modelling on the figure completed. The machinery on her works with the chain work I have draped over her.

Wing pattern painted. The cool tones on the robot contrast nicely with the strong warm light source behind her.

Additional modelling, polishing, and lighting effects added in to complete the piece.

Prints of this piece can be viewed (and purchased) at this link. You should also check out my Facebook page for more of my work and other random bits that I post.