Painting Process: Wiccan Robot

Here's another painting process post. As with all of these robot pieces, this is painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB. I'm currently using a Bamboo tablet, painting on an Acer laptop, Windows 7.

I started with a photo of Luna, holding one of those liquor bottles shaped like a skull. I wanted to have a very creepy vibe to this piece, and this composition worked really well. When I initially took the photograph, I had her bracing her legs as though she had a set of wings, thus forcing weight down onto her shoulders. The body language really sold that idea, so I developed the robot pattern around that idea.

I created the wing pattern based very loosely on a pentagram, going with the wiccan theme she and I had discussed using during the shoot. It is unusual, looking quite a bit different from my other wing patterns, and yet not at all out of place in this overall gothic project.

To contrast with the robotics, I went with a very organic background, an old building interior.It's based on a few references, and even incorporates two other models of mine as broken and collapsed robots in the background. Presumably the skull she is holding is from the one at her feet.

Laying down the flat colour layers on Luna. As with all of these pieces, the colours at this stage do not necessarily represent the final colour scheme I will be painting with, but just serve to visually separate the various layers from each other.

Background and fallen robot colour layers created.

Basic painting on the background, creating a warm colour scheme which I will then use to facilitate a cooler colour scheme on Luna.

Foreground element painted. Already you can see the shift in colour from the warm background to the cool foreground.

Fallen robots painted. These robots are painted very simply to go with the idea that they are very old and disused, and don't require the sort of detail that the primary focus, Luna, does.

Basic metal modelling on Luna painted. I also added wiring coming out of the neck of the foreground collapsed robot, to highlight the lack of a head on it.

Lighting effects and metal polishing added in.

Prints of this piece can be viewed and purchased at this link. If you are interested in commissioning pieces like this or others, you can contact me through my website or my Facebook page.