Robot Angel and Giant Robot Woman

The attack of the Erins!

This entire painting was a result of thinking of the glowing eyes far off in the fog. Everything was built around that idea.

When going through my model photography for the two figures, I went with Erin B for the giant robot (which fits, as we've done a lot of pieces like that in the past) and Laydee Erin for the winged robot. They contrast very nicely with each other.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link.


A collection of my cyberpunk and robot photography and illustration work.
Robots and cyborgs, some sexy, some deadly, all presented as photographed and illustrated by Ian Sokoliwski. Mind-bending cityscapes, ruined wastelands, even some hints of Victorian-era Steampunk homes all provide the settings for these female androids and bionic women.
A showcase of cyberpunk and science fiction robot artwork of photographer and illustrator Ian Sokoliwski.
100 pages, magazine format, available as a printed copy for $19.99 and as a digital download for $1.99...