Robot In Space

I'm a little surprised that I haven't done anything with space before this as part of my gothic project...although, I suppose this is getting pretty far away from the original direction it was headed...

That spaceship in the background is heavily influenced by the starship art I saw a lot in the 70's.

Prints of this piece are available for purchase at this link


A collection of my cyberpunk and robot photography and illustration work.
Robots and cyborgs, some sexy, some deadly, all presented as photographed and illustrated by Ian Sokoliwski. Mind-bending cityscapes, ruined wastelands, even some hints of Victorian-era Steampunk homes all provide the settings for these female androids and bionic women.
A showcase of cyberpunk and science fiction robot artwork of photographer and illustrator Ian Sokoliwski.
100 pages, magazine format, available as a printed copy for $19.99 and as a digital download for $1.99...