Painting Process: Screaming Robot

Another in my series of painting process blog posts. As with all these pieces, this was painted in Photoshop, RGB, at 12"x18" and 300dpi.

This one is fairly simple. I started with the photo of the model, Guido, where she was yelling on a table. I created the robot lineart from that.

I wanted her up in the air, something with a good sense of space behind her, so I thought another grid pattern building would work. Some sort of open factory space, almost cathedral in nature. So I created the basic design here.

Laying out the flat colours for the robot. Each colour is a separate layer to be painted.

Laying out the basic background pattern on separate layers as well. Note that the colours for these various layers do not represent the colour scheme of the final painting.

Background painted in. I knew I wanted to go with a cool background and warm foreground, so there are a lot of cool greys and blacks here, with a very strong light source outside the window. I even added in the suggestion of a larger city outside of that window.

The metal beam that Guido is perched on is painted. I gave it a warmer paint scheme, going with the suggestion of it being rusted out.

Basic metal modelling on the robot done. Note that the colour on the robot is universally grey at this point - more subtle colour changes will be added in later.

Colour changes added in to the robot. I warmed her up, included the cooler light from the background on her as well, to completely integrate her into her surroundings.

Final metal polishing and eye effects added in.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link. Also, be sure to check out my Twitter feed - there's lots of crazy stuff on there!