Painting Process: Creepy Robot Forest

Here's another (Halloween-themed) post about my process in painting one of my robot pieces. As with all of these, they are painted in Photoshop, RGB, 300dpi at 12"x18".

This started with a photo of Erin taken during one of our many shoots in the forests near Winnipeg during the summer of 2013. Most shots of her tend to be very action-based, but this is a rare one where she seemed to have been reacting to something behind her, rather than being more pro-active. It made me wonder what could be behind her to have her that concerned. Thus, the disturbing metal forest filled with other, creepier robots came about.

Basic flat layers laid down to be painted. As with all of these paintings, the colours used at this stage do not reflect what the actual colours will be.

Hair and internal lighting layers added in.

Very simple foreground and background layers added in.

I did a quick pass on painting the background and robots, just to get the feel I was going for. These robots are not nearly as detailed as Erin will be, as they are much more about setting mood than being realistic.

Foreground metal tree painted.

I decided a bit of vine-style wiring hanging between Erin and the background elements would be effective to create more depth in the piece, as well as increasing the uneasy nature of the piece.

Hair on Erin painted.

Basic metal modelling on Erin painted. There is a strong difference in colour between the warm background and cool foreground.

Internal lighting on Erin as well as polishing effects added in. Some fog/dust painted between the layers as well.

Prints of this piece can be seen and purchased at this link.