Halloween-Themed Free Desktop Wallpapers

October has always been my favourite month for a lot of reasons, but mostly due to Halloween. [well, and my birthday being the day before Halloween doesn't hurt...]
This month, I'm planning on posting a lot about my biggest influences with regard to my art, and most of it falls into the whole Halloween theme, even if only from a use of imagination standpoint (stuff like Robocop, while not horror-based, certainly winds up as a great Halloween costume, for example) as well as other goodies.

Today, however, I'm starting with picking some of the desktop wallpapers I've made of my work over the years that best fit into a horror/Halloween theme. If you want to download and use any of these, just 'right click' the image and save it to your computer.

These are all going back quite a few years, the last two all the way to the very first gothic photo shoot I did in October of 2009. I'll be doing more desktop wallpapers of my more recent work in the coming weeks as well.

You can see (and purchase) prints of the larger pieces these wallpapers come from at my Redbubble gallery, as well as a lot more work from the past five years.