Five Years Ago Today

Five years ago today marks the first gothic-themed photo shoot that I ever did, certainly the first that was entirely built around that theme. I had managed to sneak in some goth content in previous photo shoots (I spent the summer of 2009 doing a lot of cosplay photography, and shooting Misa Misa from Death Note certainly had the punk/goth vibe going for it), but the October 3, 2009 shoot was the first one just devoted to ghosts, vampires, and lots and lots of black.

A lot has changed and progressed in that time, but I'm very happy with how the project has been going since then. I've met and worked with a lot of awesome people because of it, and have had a lot of wonderful opportunities because I took the chance to ask a group of lovely women 'hey, what if...'

Here's a cross-section of my work, starting from that first shoot, all the way to the most recent robot painting. Each of these pieces features my lovely assistant, Kelsie, who was there for the very first shoot, and continues to be a big part of this whole gothic photography and illustration project.

 That's...quite a retrospective. Things have changed a lot, but I can see that what I'm doing right now is directly influenced by that original shoot.