Winnipeg Alley Photoshoot

This past Saturday, I was at an art show as part of Nuit Blanche here in Winnipeg. In addition to showing some of my work at a store/gallery, I was also asked to do a tape pattern on a model at the event. Fortunately, we managed to get the tape design done just early enough so that we could do a quick photoshoot in a nearby alley in the Exchange before losing the light or it getting too cold. Here are some of my favourite shots with Mel.

The tape pattern was based around much of my robot photography and painting designs, modified so that Mel would be able jump around quite a bit, and was a fun challenge to develop. I am kind of thinking of doing a more elaborate design in the future, something even closer to my robot designs, for another shoot like this. However, it won't be until at least late Spring of 2015, as the evening this was shot was pretty much the last night of reasonable temperatures in Winnipeg for the year for photographing a model in this sort of state outdoors.