Painting Process: Two Robots In A Destroyed Building

As with all these robot paintings, this one was painted in Photoshop, 12"x18", 300dpi, in RGB.

I had several photos of Tara from a recent shoot seated on a couch to choose from for this particular concept. I was finding it difficult to choose between two particular designs, when it occurred to me that I didn't have to choose - I could work with both of them, making each version into a different style of robot. So, that's the basic genesis of this piece.

Flat layers created for the 'glass energy' robot.

Flat layers created for the 'organic shapes' robot design. I decided that I liked the contrast between these two different types of robot designs that I've been developing, that they would work well together. Also, having one of the designs have hair while leaving the other bald would add to the contrast.

Background painted. This was confined to two or three layers, to keep the colour choices fairly contiguous, only having the elements in the window on a separate layer for the secondary light source.

'Organic' robot painted. I wanted an extremely high-contrast painting technique for this one, heavily influence from the original reference photo, and to further establish a different texture between the two robots.

Foreground robot metal painted. Much cooler tones with this one, while the previous design had more neutral tones, all of which to contrast with the warm tones in the background.

I went with a green treatment for the 'glass energy' on the foreground robot - it contrasts well with all the other elements, without clashing or looking dramatically different, still integrated into the overall design. Finally, polishing and effects added into the piece.

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