Painting Process: Steampunk Painting 001

I do try to get one of these painting process blogs up every Monday - I've been pretty good about it, although I think I ended up posting a couple on Tuesdays instead, and missed one or two due to other events going on (like Keycon 2014 and such). Still, not too bad.

Like all my other paintings and photographs, this piece was done in Photoshop, RGB, 300dpi, at 12"x18". The elements start with a photograph of at least one model and work out from there. All hand-painted techniques, with very few filters aside from some noise and blurring for a more photographic effect.

This is far from the first steampunk piece that I've ever done, but it is the first in this painted series that relied heavily on that sort of influence, hence the name. The genesis of it came from Emily holding a rather intricate set of keys found in the location we were shooting in. So, I had her manipulate them and took several shots of her hands with them, eventually developing this illustration.

The various colour layers in the metal structure laid out.

The rather complicated background pattern laid out. Again, going with the steampunk aesthetic, I wanted lots and lots of piping and the impression of clockwork machinery.

The deep background painted in. A touch shinier than it should be, but that sort of thing will be corrected as I go along.

Fog effects added into the background and the cabinet piece painted. All of my brushes are hand-made by me, taken from a variety of texture photographs I've done over the years of all sorts of different things. From rocks and trees to more organic sources.

The torso and upper arm metal pieces are painted here. Again, I've incorporated Emily's literary shoulder tattoo in this, making it an etching this time rather than a light source like in previous pieces. I've also made her much warmer than her surroundings.

Emily's head painted.

The hand layers painted. Tricky, due to all the tight detail between the fingers and the keys.

Keys painted.

Final polishing and lighting effects in the eyes added in.

Prints (and other products) of this piece can be purchased at this link. Also, head over to my website to see the other sorts of things I work on.