Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 027

Another painting process post. As with all the other paintings in this whole gothic/cyberpunk/steampunk series, these are all done in Photoshop, 300dpi, 12"x18". Generally, they take from eight to sixteen hours each to paint, depending.

One of the ideas I had with my first shoot with Shlee was her as an Angel Of Death figure, something I really haven't incorporated into this whole project up until now. During our shoot, I played around with several different posing ideas, generally keeping to the notion of the figure standing solo. Well, once she was up on a table to give a sense of grandeur to the figure, I realized that she needed to be standing over a group of fallen robots to really create a narrative. Thus, after shooting the initial figure, I then had her and Amber (who was there as Shlee's escort, and graciously agreed to be part of the shoot as well) posing as these other figures scattered about. This is the initial composition of the piece.

The basic mechanical patterns on the various robots is drawn out, as well as creating the torn cloak on the Angel of Death figure.

A destroyed world background is filled in. I wanted the Angel of Death to be the focus of this piece, with only the other robots really there to fill in the story, so a very minimal background was all that was needed. I also figured I'd be going with a very stormy sky, so leaving lots of room for cloud and storm patterns was necessary.

Colour layers for the fallen robots created. Because each fallen robot would be in physical contact with the other ones, I didn't create separate mechanical layers for each individual robot, as I would normally do, but instead created the layers as one giant mass. There would be no atmospheric effects between the fallen robots, so there was no need to physically separate them as such.

Colour layers created for the Angel of Death.

Background layers. Again, due to how simple I wanted to make every element that wasn't a robot, I was able to go with only two layers for the background.

Cloud painting created for the background. Like with all the previous paintings, this is entirely hand-painted using brush sets that I've made myself, but not using filters or pre-made textures.

Background debris painted to fill in the setting.

Hair and cloak painted.

Scythe painted.

Mechanical parts on the Angel of Death painted, as well as tweaking the cloak for a more realistic look.

Fallen robots painted. Note that I'm keeping the background cool and the foreground warm, with the strongest saturation in the cloak.

Lighting effects and polishing added, completing the piece.

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