Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 026

Another painting process blog post. As in all the previous ones, these pieces are painted in Photoshop in RGB, 12"x18", 300dpi.

The basic premise of this one was a giant robot sitting in some sort of hangar bay, similar to the Shatterdome in Pacific Rim or Mech Bays in Battletech. With that in mind, I had Lisa posing on my couch in this basic position. The basic robot design was then drawn on. Now, I realize that her feet and bum aren't exactly level, but I knew that there would be a lot of foreground machinery that would even all that out, so I wasn't worried.

Scaffolding and wiring drawn in. I've also put in rough figure placement for other robot figures to give Lisa scale, but those were also going to be replaced with other models.

Basic colour layers dropped in for painting.

Foreground and background scaffolding and wiring layers created.

Background and scaffolding painting done. You can also see other models in the background scaffolding to indicate the scale of the giant Lisa robot.

Basic metal painting completed on Lisa. Now on to effects, colour tweaking, and giving the whole piece depth.

Lisa has been warmed up to pull her away from the background, fog and lighting effects added in, and the whole piece given a polish.

Prints of this piece can be seen and purchased at this link. Also, for those on Facebook, check out my Facebook art page - there will be a contest coming up there in the next week or so!