Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 025

Another in my work-in-progress series on my robot paintings. As always, these are painted in Photoshop, 300dpi, 12"x18", in RGB.

Starting with two photos of Emily and Tara for reference, I knew when I did the shoot that I wanted a large robot statue of Emily in the background with a smaller robot Tara in the foreground. I also wanted to play with some different visual cues than in some of my previous work, specifically giving Emily less of an articulated look and more of a 'melted metal' look. This just adds another form of robot to my overall visual story.

Laying down the flat colour layers for Tara. I'm going with the 'glass energy' form of robot in her design.

Flat layers for the platform under her created.

The flat layers for the Emily robot created. I made a point of having Emily be physically part of her environment to further cement her status as being a statue, perhaps built into this facility.

Background and foreground flat layers created. On to the painting.

Background painted in. It's looking rather harsh at this point, and clearly needs fog effects for depth, but it is establishing the cool tones in the background.

First pass at hand-painted fog effects behind Emily.

Platform painted. The platform is a bit of a warmer colour scheme than the background elements.

Foreground scaffolding painted. I'm leaving them mostly in shadow with only a side-light on them to reinforce the idea that all light sources in this illustration are within the centre of the piece.

Hair and some cables painted on Emily.

Some metal elements on Emily painted. These elements are physically 'behind' her face and arm layers.

The remaining basic metal layers painted on Emily. I've also started playing with a green light source below the platform.

Normally, I give all robots glowing eyes. With Emily being a deactivated robot of uncertain age, however, I made her eyes black. I've also added in more green lighting effects below the platform.

Basic metal modelling on Tara complete. She has a much warmer colour scheme than her surroundings, separating her from them.

The red 'glass energy' effects have been painted in.

Final metal polishing and lighting effects added in over the whole piece, including adding in Emily's tattoos as another light source.

To see the finished piece, and purchase prints, please go to this link.