Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 024

As with all of these painting process pieces, this was painted in RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi in Photoshop.

This is the first piece that I've worked with Shlee on. As with some of the work with Emily, she has a tattoo that I wanted to incorporate into the final piece, although more as inspiration rather than literal translation. This comes in the form of a tattoo design in the centre of her chest that I decided to make into a gem in the final piece, and have built the illustration here around.

I wanted to make the sword she's carrying part of her body, connected to her in some way. Thus using the hair design as some sort of wiring, providing energy to the weapon.

Coming up with the basic wing design.

I knew when I first started drawing this out that she would be standing on a pedestal of some sort, so I went with it as being the top of a tower on a building. Thus, the rest of the city created around her.

Flat layers of the basic body and sword created.

Hair and wing layers created.

Background elements created and ready for painting.

Cityscape painted in. A little too uniform, but a good place to start. Added in rain and fog effects for depth, and going with a cooler colour palette, so the figure will be in warm tones.

Wings and sword painted in. There is some lighting on the wings to indicate that the sword will be a bit of a light source, but most of the lighting is from off-camera.

Hair, pedestal, and some metal modelling completed.

More metal modelling completed.

Figure painted. Most of the lighting matches the original photograph, but there is even more work showing the sword as a light source.

Lighting and energy effects added in, metal polishing completed, and the background tweaked some more.

Prints of this piece can be purchased at this link.