Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 023

Another blog about my painting process. As with all of these robot/cyberpunk/steampunk paintings, they are painted in RGB, 12"x18", at 300dpi.

I've got my assistant, Kelsie, sitting up on a couple of ammunition cases to get the correct scale for this piece, holding a baton, I believe. She is even wearing a gas mask and a bicycle helmet  to start the form for the head. The motorcycle itself is based on a couple of different WWII-era bikes, with some rather large liberties taken.

Basic flat layers created. Physically, the orange bike layers are 'below' both the robot layers and the green motorcycle layers. I tend to do this, grouping similar painting layers together, to paint the same plane at pretty much the same time.

Background painted in. I was going for another destroyed urban area, something post-apocalyptic. 

Rear motorcycle layers painted. The idea of the glowing green elements in the engine were thought out right at the initial stages of developing this piece.

Remaining motorcycle elements painted.

Robot layers painted.

Glowing elements lit up, metal and polish effects dropped in, and the background colour and fog/dust effects finished.

Prints of this piece can be viewed (and purchased) at this link.