Painting Process: Cyberpunk Painting 021

This was my first piece with Tara in years, and my first piece with Emily ever.

I knew with this piece that I didn't want the two robots to have the same sort of design. Instead, I went with more of a steampunk look for Emily in the foreground, and more of a cyberpunk look for Tara behind her. This automatically sets up a colour scheme for me, with warmer tones for Emily and cooler tones for Tara. Also, being my first piece with the two of them together, I wanted to work on a fairly simple design to see how their overall looks would blend together with my robotic painting ideas.

Even with the wing pattern, Tara's is much more angular, while Emily's is much more gear-oriented. Even though I don't show any cogs or gears at this angle, setting up all of the circular patterns in that implies that sort of construction.

I determined that they were both on the roof of a building, giving me a structure for a cityscape background.

Once I did that cityscape, however, I realized that the characters were a bit too large in the frame to really establish the city. So I ended up making them a bit smaller, giving me more room to add buildings. Plus I get to add more of a swooping look to Emily's wing.

Dropping in the colour layers to paint on Emily. As with all my other pieces, this is done in Photoshop, RGB, 12"x18" at 300 dpi.

Colour layers created for Tara. As neither of them overlapped, I used the same temporary colours for these layers, none of which will be used in the final painting.

Overall background painting layers created.

The deep background painted in. I went with green and blue tones for it to keep it really far in the background, as well as adding in the fog effects for depth.

Foreground building painted. I went with neutrals on this for the time being, but I know that I want do do a lot of reflective colour effects, depending on the colour scheme in the robots.

Metal wings on Tara painted. Much more in the way of cool tones for this, going with her cyberpunk nature.

The remainder of Tara's metal modelling done. The colour scheme kept the same as her wings.

The wing elements behind Emily painted. It was clear there needed to be a bit of separation between the robots and the back wall of the building they are on, so more fog effects added in.

Basic painting on Emily completed, going with a much warmer look than Tara. This helps to separate the two characters, and also gives much more of a steampunk feel to her.

Foreground wing on Emily done, as well as adding in rain effects in the background and a small amount in the foreground.

Prints of this piece can be found at this link. You can see more pieces like this at my Facebook page as well.