Painting Process: Cyberpunk Photography 018

Here's another work-in-progress blog post.

This was from a shoot with Rena, one where I had her crouch down and then leap up as though she were about to take flight. We did this sequence a few times, with me photographing each step, and would up with quite a naturalistic pose of her just about to leap.

Flat colour layers laid down. This wound up with uncharacteristically few layers, mostly due to the next step.

Dropping in the background layer. Rather than some of the overly-complex backgrounds I've been working with a lot lately, I wanted something fairly simple here. My rough idea had been a World War I trench, perhaps in some sort of urban environment.

Going with a flame-soaked warm background sky. Already this is starting to make me rethink my ideas about the trench.

Upon painting the background, going with the warm tones in the back and cooler ones in the foreground, I ended up going with more of a South-West desert, perhaps Arizona, kind of look to the setting.

Dropping in some fog effects for depth.

Painting the metal of the wings.

Remaining metal textures modelled. This one went very fast, once I changed my mind on the background composition.

Eye glows and overall polishing added in.